2. Februar 2023 In Allgemein, Sprachen By Mag. Manfred Niederdorfer

Class 1c went to two libraries!

Our class went to the first library on Meidlinger Hauptstraße 73. Some of us got a library card for the first time in their life! We had to borrow at least one English book, but we also borrowed comics, mangas and books in German.

Then we went to the Kinderbücherei der Weltsprache on Hütteldorferstraße 71a where we had a book contest: the winner was a Turkish book called “Dikis Kafa”.

We also borrowed Arabic, Romanian, Urdu, Serbian and Albanian books.

The librarians were both really helpful!

Mag.a Pia Reisinger und Mag.a Raffaella Rogo